What to Include in Your Next Chicago Corporate Event

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The way your company runs corporate events can make or break its reputation. Our economy is becoming increasingly dependent on technology and virtual meetings. This trend is leading clients to place a greater importance on opportunities to attend in-person events. A great corporate event will wow your employees, partners, and clients, and will set you apart […]

How to Make Your Chicago Corporate Events a Success

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Planning any event is stressful. Corporate events can seem especially stressful because there are so many people to impress and so much on the line. But it doesn’t have to be difficult! Here are the most important things to think about when planning your corporate event to ensure a successful event. Determine Your Budget Corporate […]

Choosing The Right Entertainment for Corporate Events

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Corporate events often suffer because of a lack of entertainment. Not sure how to choose the right entertainment for your upcoming corporate event Planning corporate events can be tricky. There are so many details to coordinate, one of the biggest being the entertainment. Good entertainment can really enhance the event, and bad entertainment can just […]

How to Make Your Chicago Corporate Events a Success

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How to Make Your Chicago Corporate Events a Success Chicago Corporate events are important for businesses, but they aren’t always fun or exciting. Read on to learn how hiring a Chicago band can make yours a smash hit. Keyword(s): corporate events Planning any event is stressful. Chicago Corporate events can seem especially stressful because there […]

How To Build a Basic Corporate Event Budget


Whether you’re new to event planning or a seasoned pro, keeping an event budget will help you stay organized and prepared for any client inquiry — and help you avoid going over budget. For a basic event, such as a seminar or dinner party, I really like Excel (any spreadsheet software will do), and list four […]

The Perfect Corporate Event Music

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THE JAZZ TRIO Perfect for Cocktails, Dinner and Corporate Events. Let’s find out what makes this ensemble work so well… The Perfect Ensemble Piano Bass Sax The Perfect Repertoire The purpose of the Jazz Trio is to provide background music for your cocktails, dinner or corporate event. The music includes repertoire from Gershwin, Duke Ellington, […]

Don’t make this mistake for your Event

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  Everybody has to watch their bottom line when planning a corporate event especially when you have to justify all expenses to a committee, Boss or CFO. The mistake many Corporate event planners make is confusing cost with value. Let’s say you need a Jazz Trio for 3 hours. Music Company “A” charges $1,275 for 3 hours. Music […]

Professionalism The Key for Corporate Events

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The most important word for successful corporate event music? Professionalism While there are many Chicago Music Companies, what makes the best ones different is their level of professionalism. Any vendor you hire will be a direct reflection on you. It’s important that each of your vendors understand that. Don’t take the chance working with lower quality music […]