Five Wonderful Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

Will You Marry Me?

By Tara Martin-

You’re one of the lucky ones because you found your soul mate. She’s the one whom you want to spend the rest of your life with, and there’s nothing else that you’ve been surer of.

Celebrate because the hardest part of this journey in life is over, and what follows should be relatively easy in comparison.

So it’s finally time to pop the question, and you’re probably wondering how to ask her in the best way possible. The story of how you proposed will be told to friends and family for years to come, so it is important to make the proposal memorable! Here are five ways to accomplish that feat.

Find a Meaningful Location
Is it the café where you two first met? Or that park you often strolled down at as a pair? Is it her favorite place in her hometown? Pick a place of importance where you will go down on one knee and the memory of such will stay with the both of you forever. Of course, think of a place that photographer can access easily so that the moment can be captured!

A Destination Proposal
Everyone’s heard of destination weddings, but why not take it a step up and propose to her on a romantic foreign getaway? Whether it’s done on the plane ride there or on a cruise ship, take advantage of the facilities, and make it an extravagant affair. If you prefer surprises, have roses, candles, and champagne waiting for you in the hotel room!

Make It a Family Affair
If both of you are family oriented, why not share this special milestone with them? Have everyone hold out the letters of the proposal or balloons with the question on them. The big reveal can come at the suggestion of a group picture!

A Simple Proposal at Home
A low-key but romantic way to propose would be to set up around your home a trail of candles that lead to the ring. For convenience, it would be best to get one of the many beautiful wedding sets that come with both the engagement ring and the band for the big day. This will show her that you prepared for this all the way.

A Scavenger Hunt
If she likes games, you can make this chase for the wedding sets as big or as small as you’d like. Whether the clues you leave lead straight to you or the rings so you can watch her reaction from afar and join in after the initial surprise, this is a fun and creative way to pop the question.

Preparation Is Key
Now that you have a host of ideas and ways to implement them, start gathering your resources in preparation for the unforgettable event. From the weddings sets to the photographer, everything should be in place before you ask her. Not only will she be impressed by your thoughtfulness, but she will also gloat about it to everyone she knows for the rest of your lives!

Proposing is a big step to take in any relationship, but with the right timing and preparations, it will be a worthy effort for you to proudly remember. Many girls may have dreamed about this moment since they were young, so make it personal! Don’t forget to have fun with it too.
Five Wonderful Ways to Propose to Your Girlfriend

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