How Couples Can Show off Their Unique Personalities at their Wedding

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Weddings are always a wonderful, happy affair. Not only are these the perfect opportunities to show off your undying love for one another but you can also use the event as a way to show off both of your personalities to your guests. Whether you want to show off your funny side or your more artistic side, here are some ways to make your wedding just as unique as the both of you are!


Show off Your Body Art


If your tattoos are a large part of who you are, don’t be afraid to show them off on your wedding day. Many people feel as if they should hide their tattoos for the big day but that shouldn’t be the case if each and every one of your tattoos are meaningful. If you’re the bride and have a large portion of body art on your arms and back, get a dress that shows off exactly those parts. If your partner wants to do the same and has tattoos all along their arms, have them skip the typical tuxedo and go for a casual shirt dress with the option to roll up their sleeves. However you decide to do so, showing off your body art is just one way to make your wedding unique to others.


Include Your Origins Into Your Food


Whether you and your partner are from the south, or the midwest, etc. incorporating food from your hometown is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your wedding. If you grew up with shrimp and grits as a regular meal, include it within your food! If you always had a love for baked potatoes, feel free to do the same and include a baked potato bar. Adding in some of your favorite food will not only be a great, recognizable addition to your close friends and family but it will also be a unique distinction from other typical food normally served at a wedding.


Be Adventurous With Your Style


Have you always had an edgy style? Whether it’s within your hair or your makeup, use your wedding as the perfect excuse to show off your unique and adventurous style. For your bridal hairstyle, if you’ve always loved playing with hair colors, do the same for your wedding day. Whether you want to get it professionally done or go the DIY route, using a fun hair dye is a great way to add extra color into your wedding! Since we all need a little hair inspo every now and then, look to oVertone’s Pinterest for just that.Their Pinterest is filled the latest trends and tricks to follow for an overall fabulous look for your big day!


The same goes for your makeup. Whether you’re a professional makeup artist or have always had a deep love for makeup, for your wedding day, feel free to go big or go home! As every bride has an ideal look they want to achieve for their day. If you’re interested in being a little more edgy, consider going with a deeper, vibrant lipstick shade or going for a smokier eye. If in need of some makeup ideas, take a look at Urban Decay’s Instagram. Their instagram is filled with all of your makeup inspo needs ranging from classic looks to bolder, more colorful ones that are sure to amp up your wedding day style.


When picking music for your big day, make sure your Chicago wedding band can play the kind of music you and your guests want to hear. Whether you’re playing it or simply enjoying it, music is a form of expression and should be treated as such at your wedding. There are many Chicago wedding bands out there, but which ones will truly help you share your story?


Have Midnight Snacks


Since you’re guaranteed to have guests partying till dawn, a huge addition to your wedding will be midnight snacks for your guests! As everyone often enjoys a late night snack while partying, this will be a much appreciated (and delicious!) end to the night. It can be a late night taco truck, a Shake Shack surprise or even just a couple of snacks you coordinate with your caterers. No matter what direction you decide to go, having delicious late night food will be the perfect end to your wedding! 




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