Words That Ring: 8 Ways to Say “Will You Marry Me?”

You may have seen countless wedding proposals on celebrity gossip sites or on your friends’ social media. But none of them seem to truly fit you both as a couple. If you’re on a rut on unique wedding proposal ideas, fear not. We’ve listed eight wedding proposals for you to choose from.

1. A candlelit dinner. Let’s start with the simplest but not the least effective way. An intimate dinner with your loved one makes your proposal more sincere and heartfelt. You’ve learned from the movies—hide the ring in her food or wine glass. Of course, you can veer away from that and make up your own script!

Another idea is to invite your partner’s family and get them in on the surprise. Pop the big question in front of everyone they love.

2. Photo booth proposal. You want to capture this perfect moment but don’t want someone else to be there to take a photo? A simple, yet sweet, solution to that is to propose in a photo booth. Pull out the ring while your partner’s busy posing for the camera. There’s no way they’ll see it coming—and you’ll see their shocked expression on the photo!

3. Disneyland dream. Everyone loves Disneyland. It’s a magical place where anything can happen!
Use this to your advantage and propose to your partner during a Disneyland trip. You can make their princess dreams come true by getting on one knee in Cinderella’s castle, or you can be adventurous and pop the question while on a roller-coaster ride. Make sure to capture the moment on camera—that’s gold content right there!

4. Proposal in the skies. If you’re a couple who loves to go to high places, there’s your wedding proposal idea. Whether it be during a mounting climbing trip or when you get to the very top of the ferris wheel, your loved one will surely cherish the moment. Plus, the stunning view from above will take them off their feet. There’s one more reason for them to say yes!

5. Write it down. If you’ve got a flair for writing, there’s no better way to say how you feel by penning it. Write your partner a letter or get creative with a poem. At the end of your piece, ease into your proposal and pop the question.

You can place your letter on their work desk or inside their pocket. Wait until he or she reads it and squeals with delight.

6. Pet proposal. Getting your pets involved in the proposal is one of the ways of getting your partner to say yes.

You can insert a piece of paper with your proposal in your dog’s collar and ask your partner to check it out. Or you can enlist your dog’s help—give your dog the jewelry box with a stunning engagement ring inside and tell him to give it to your partner. Let your furry pal ask the question for you.

7. Treasure hunt. Got a lot of time on your hands? Create a scavenger hunt for your partner.If you both love solving mysteries, a scavenger hunt will be an excellent way to propose. Scatter clues around your home or neighborhood for your partner to find. You can enlist help from a friend or family to help her solve the hunt.
Here’s a tip: Place the clues on memorable places in your relationship, such as your favorite park or the ice cream shop where you first met.

8. Concert proposal. Concert proposals are nothing new, but it never fails to work, especially if your partner is a band geek at heart.

Buy tickets to a concert of her favorite band. Extra points go to you if it’s his or her first time seeing them live. Sneak up behind her and pull out the ring in the middle of a love song. Better yet, do it while they’re rocking out to their favorite song. Just be careful not to drop the ring!

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Deciding to take your partner’s hand in marriage is a huge milestone. You’ll want them to remember your proposal for many years later. But remember, a wedding proposal doesn’t need to be grand. It only needs to have two people who can’t wait to spend their lives with each other.

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