Planning To Pop the Question: A Modern Guide

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These days, a proposal is not as simple as getting down on one knee. More and more we see grooms having elaborate plans in place to take the moment to the next level of sentiment. DRM isn’t simply one of the many Chicago wedding bands. We’re here to help you with anything related to your wedding. If you want to wow your loved one with the proposal but aren’t sure where to start, take a look at our guide and you’re sure to be inspired!


Call In Backup

Take some time to come up with a plan your significant other won’t see coming. It might be a little odd for you to tell her to go get her hair and nails done before a date, so try to avoid something that would be obvious. If your soon-to-be fiance is someone who would prefer to have her nails done for the occasion, consider asking one of her close friends to be in on the plan. It would be far less suspicious if a friend asks her to go out and get pampered. You may need help with other details of your plan so don’t be afraid to elicit help from her closest confidants!

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The Long Game

Consider establishing a weekly date night in advanced anticipation of the proposal. Each time, surprise her with a small gift so that you set a precedent for such romantic behavior and anything you plan for the proposal won’t seem out of the ordinary. Think about buying her a new outfit for the night you pop the question. Whether she rocks a mean pantsuit or prefers a dress, invest in a quality outfit so that by the time the proposal comes, she won’t be wrinkled. Clothing by a brand like Ann Taylor would be perfect for this occasion, with fabrics that are made to stay smooth all day in styles she is sure to love. For budget friendly Ann Taylor styles, consider shopping at an online consignment store to save money for the rest of the proposal production.

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The Venue

There are a lot of factors to consider when picking where you’d like to pop the question. The best choice will be somewhere that fits your plan the best. If you’re going to resurrect the flash mob proposal, then you might need somewhere that offers enough space for a group of dancers. Many classic options could work great as well like, the place you met, where you went on a first date, or a super romantic hotspot you both have been dying to go to. Pro-tip: the more sentimental value a location has, the more your proposee will be impressed. Take into account aspects of a venue that make it romantic and be the judge for what you think she’d like best.

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Hidden Photographer

One major consideration is whether or not you’d like the moment captured for future viewing. Maybe you’d like it recorded or photographed or both. Either way you’re going to want to ensure that this person and their equipment is not noticeable from where you’ll be. For the best results, employ an expert proposal photographer so you both can relive that moment of pure bliss as many times as you’d like! Just as you have seen when shopping for Chicago wedding bands, a professional will be great to consult with and may even have suggestions to make your plan go off without a hitch– well, hopefully one hitch…

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