Stress-Free Tips to Your Perfect Wedding

Are you feeling overwhelmed with all of the wedding planning to-dos? Getting married to your special someone is going to be one of the best days of your life, and indeed, something to celebrate. However, it’s easy to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of planning. Take these tips into consideration when preparing to stay at ease for your wedding.


Stay Organized

When wedding planning, you want to stay as organized as possible. Being organized allows you to have enough time to complete tasks on schedule and able to have enough time to compensate for possible errors, too. If you struggle to stay organized, hiring a wedding planner might be something you want to make room for in the budget. While juggling multiple duties, organization is essential when staying calm throughout this process.


Bonus Tip: If you choose to handle some planning on your own, consider following a wedding planning checklist. Using a timeline checklist will allow you to stay on track throughout the plan and not veer off schedule. As a result, everything will get completed promptly while staying stress-free.



The primary advantage of using a wedding checklist is having responsibilities in numerical order. There are inevitably aspects that need to be done before others. Prioritize your time wisely and focus on things that have strict deadlines, like booking the venue first. Chip away at the top priorities and make the lower ones flexible on the timeline. The decorations are one aspect that should be considered adjustable. It’s an area of wedding planning that can be either time consuming or not. You might decide to make your decorations or buy them already completed. Making the decor will most likely take time out of your schedule. However, ideas can be easily altered because the finished product is in your hands.


Bonus Tip: If you got engagement pictures done, think about using them at your reception as a decorative element. Pick your favorite ones, put them in multi-purpose wall frames, and display them on an empty wall at the reception. You’ll have your very own “Wedding Gallery” for guests to admire. When getting short on time, this is a simple way to incorporate a personal touch!


Take Care of Yourself

Don’t lose sight of your regular daily schedule while preparing for your wedding. Through prioritizing to-dos, you will hopefully not jeopardize your daily routine, however, sometimes it can be hard not to dedicate all your extra time to the wedding. It’s exciting! If you find that you are getting overwhelmed with trying to complete tasks all at once, stop yourself. Everyone has their own self-care choices – make time for yourself when you need it most.


Bonus Tip: If you know that you will be more focused on the wedding than daily life, schedule time for self-care into your wedding checklist. Whether it’s going to the spa or working out, put your desired activities right into your list to remind yourself to stop and take a breath!


Reconnect with Your Fiance

Whether doing most of the wedding planning alone or together, weddings implement stress into both parties getting married. Ensure that you and your significant other don’t get disconnected before the marriage to-be. Take time to pause the planning and focus on other things you enjoy doing together. Time to be alone and reconnect during the hectic planning.


Bonus Tip: For every time you have to schedule something for the wedding, for example, going to taste different cakes, schedule a time for a date night to balance your time. See a movie, or grab some frozen yogurt, be together doing something that isn’t wedding-related.


Planning a wedding is never easy, but if you stay organized and prioritize your time, there will be no conflicts in getting everything you wish to accomplish. Having your special someone right by your side, dive into your wedding day with joy and love!

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