Why Music Isn’t Just For the Reception


We’ve all been to great weddings. We’ve also been to some weddings that aren’t so great. What sets a wedding apart is how it flows from the ceremony, to cocktail hour, to dinner, and to the reception. Venue is also key, which is why having a wedding in Chicago is ideal, and to help keep the whole event flowing, its why hiring a Chicago wedding band is key!

What sets us apart from other Chicago wedding bands, is the flexibility and variety we can provide. When you have music during the ceremony, even if it is only a pianist or a solo harpist, you have a beautiful entrance for the wedding party and the bride, and the musicians can continue playing while your guests leave the venue and head to cocktail hour.

At cocktails, you can have a jazz trio, string quartet, or any other combination that suits your wedding and your guests. This helps with the seamless transition of your special day. The musicians will be playing when your guests leave the ceremony, and there will be musicians playing when they arrive for cocktails.

For dinner, you can choose to have a “dancing dinner” where our 8, 11 or 15-piece orchestra plays from the moment you enter the reception. Then, the guests dance for two or three songs, soups and salads are served, you get up to dance for a few more songs, until the main course is served. It is an awesome way to burn off some of those calories! Also, if the main course is a little early or a little late, just let us handle it by adding a song or two, or stopping early. Our Chicago wedding band is here to make sure your wedding goes off without a hitch!

We also provide a professional emcee for the entire event, so you won’t have to ask your cousin to awkwardly announce the bridal party. After dinner is over and toasts are done, the music continues into the night with our 8, 11 or 15-piece orchestra. Our musicians are great, but even they need a break sometimes. That’s why we also provide you with an outstanding DJ, free of charge, to make sure everyone remembers how fun and vibrant your wedding was!

The party doesn’t have to stop there. Our DJ can also stay for an after party. Order some pizzas, put the kids to bed and dance into a night that no one will forget!