Why You Need a Professional Emcee


Every wedding has bright spots and some spots that everyone silently agrees not to bring up. Take, for example, the relative who has been enjoying the open bar a little too liberally and decides they will do the announcing from here on out. They ramble on, tell everyone your embarrassing childhood nickname and someone has to, good-naturedly, pry the microphone from their hand.

Sound terrifying? If you hire our Chicago wedding band, we provide a professional emcee, free of charge, who won’t drink a drop and wouldn’t reveal your embarrassing childhood nickname for love nor money!

Why, you may be asking, does the emcee at your wedding even know such details? Because our Chicago wedding band gets to know YOU. We don’t have a stock playlist, we won’t accidentally call you the wrong name or mix up whose parents are whose. We want to know where you met, how you got engaged, what hobbies you enjoy.
We also want to incorporate your style and tastes into the music we play. No Hokey Pokey at your wedding? No problem! But, if you can’t get enough shaking it all about, our professional emcee will lead the way. He can also coordinate with your photographer, videographer, catering staff and your enthusiastic relatives!
Other Chicago wedding bands play the same predictable, hackneyed songs regardless of the couple they are meant to be helping celebrate. If you’re going to skip the DJ and hire musicians, you may as well hire a Chicago wedding band that honestly cares that your wedding be what it is meant to be, the happiest day of your life!