A Short Guide to Modern Weddings

Bride and groom on packed dance floor

The format for weddings is simple, right?
1. Ceremony at a church,
2. Drive to the reception venue,
3. Pray the bar is open while you wait for the bridal party to arrive,
4. Listen to grandpa say grace,
5. Wait for your table to be called for dinner,
6. Watch the bride dance with her father,
7. Watch the groom dance with his mother,
8. Avoid catching the bouquet/garter,
9. Do the Electric Slide,
10. And call it a night.

If you’re lucky, you’ve come with a date and can avoid elderly relatives of one of the happy couple trying to set you up with their truly remarkable and accomplished, yet mysteriously absent, child. If you’re unlucky you’ve caught the bouquet or garter and, since it is a rule, you now have to get married.

With visions of the wedding you’ve just come from, you get to planning your own wedding and you know you want something different. You want something unique and memorable. Instead of a church wedding, why not get married right at the reception venue? Instead of a young, adorable cousin’s musical stylings on the cello, you’ll have a graceful solo harpist playing at the ceremony. Instead of submitting your guests to an interminable wait while you whoop it up with the wedding party, you’ll have an elegant jazz trio playing as your guests sip cocktails and await your arrival? Finally, instead of having your cousin’s friend (who is totally a real DJ, he does it all the time, he promises), put his iPod on shuffle and try to sneak booze from the bar, you’re going to hire an award winning Chicago wedding band to have their 11, no, 15-piece orchestra play live music throughout the night!

You’ve come to the right place, go you! If you have specific, maybe a little eccentric song requests, our Chicago wedding band will learn it and add it to our repertoire. Just for you, even if we never play it again. So if you’ve always dreamed of having your first dance be to The Beatles Rocky Raccoon, you’ll have it, no questions asked. Well, maybe one or two, but you’ll definitely have it! Other Chicago wedding bands would say now and look at you funny.

It isn’t just about the music either. Let’s say your wedding won’t have a father daughter dance because no one’s daughter is getting married. Maybe there is no maid of honor. Maybe there are two. You may not have anyone saying grace at your wedding. You may not have traditional toasts, instead you opt for a roast, or some slam poetry or a short improv scene. No request is too unconventional, and with our professional emcee to guide your wedding guests through the night, he will make sure everyone, even your judgy aunt, is completely at ease and focused on how well the night is proceeding. That is the difference between us and other Chicago wedding bands. Unpredictability is our passion. No two weddings are alike, and we strive to make sure that your wedding is the best one your guests remember. Your judgy aunt will be thrilled despite herself!

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