What Will You Really Remember?


What will you and your guests remember the most about your wedding? Is it the flowers? Is it the food? Is it the beautiful bows you added to each of the chairs? None of the above! What your guests will remember the most is how much fun they had at your wedding. The quality of the Chicago wedding band you choose is probably the biggest factor in determining the quality of your wedding.

If you have a gorgeous venue with incredible flowers, but bad music, your guests will only say how your wedding was pretty. They won’t be commenting on how much they enjoyed your wedding. If you have delicious food and a Chicago wedding band with a disorganized emcee and average dance music, your wedding will be considered average.

There are certainly many Chicago wedding bands you have to choose from. Getting the right one for your wedding requires a bit of homework and extra effort to make sure everything’s going to be perfect.

Unless you want a band that is 100 percent dedicated to one style, such as Klezmer, Irish or Greek music, it can be a bit risky. Unless all of your guests have the same expectations as you do for the type of music that they like to dance to, you’re going to want a band that is extremely versatile to make sure ALL of your guests are having the time of their lives!

The best Chicago wedding bands include at least four vocalists who have a variety of different styles of singing. This way, they’ll be able to perform music from any genre, whether it’s the hottest song by Beyoncé or a cool classic like Sinatra’s “The Way You Look Tonight”.


When you review a band’s video, make sure they’re showcasing a wide variety of styles which will get everybody in the room involved. It’s also important they have the experience to read the crowd and select the next song based on your preferences, as well as reacting to the crowd. Do they have the flexibility to learn certain ethnic music, polka, a Jewish folk song or your Grandfather’s favorite Irish jig?

Everyone loves a good Irish jig.

Great musicians can play any style of music regardless of when it was written! The best Chicago wedding bands are ones that can not only learn additional songs, but will give you advice on specific titles in any given genre.

Make sure whatever Chicago wedding band you choose includes a professional emcee to take care of all introductions and announcements, as well as professional sound system and sound engineers. It’s important that they have worked in a wide variety of venues, both big and small.



The sound system should be comfortable for the room, so that guests who are dancing can hear everything perfectly and those who are sitting down will be able to talk to each other equally as comfortably.

They should also provide you with a wireless mic for toasts that can be done anywhere throughout the room. They should work out all of the logistics with the venue so that everything is set up and ready to go prior to your guests arriving.

I hope you found these guidelines to be helpful and useful for finding the perfect Chicago wedding band for your wedding. Please keep David Rothstein Music in mind. You can learn more about our music company through our website, www.drsmusic.com or call us at 772. 244.1239.

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