The Groom’s Guide to Gifting for the Guys in your Wedding Party

So, you’ve just walked in the door from your bachelor party and you’re still a little bit high off of love! You are pretty lucky to have a great group of guys that are hysterical, loyal and ride-or-die.


At this point, you’ve done a lot of wedding stuff. You’ve probably tasted cakes, you’ve been fitted for a suit, you’ve poured over lists of names with your wife to be until you felt like your eyes would bleed.


But there’s something you may have missed, that is pretty important.


You want a way to say thank you, a special gift for each of the guys in your wedding who are making it the most memorable day of your life.


This is a good place to start–you need to figure out what kind of budget you have, what kind of gifts would be good for all of them, and what you really want to say with your gift.


In general, it’s much more convenient if you can give gifts to everyone that are the same but also unique to each groomsman. In that case, personalizing the gifts with names, colors or even personal messages is a great idea.


1.    Baseball Bat Mugs

Custom Baseball Bat Mug, website

Perfectly customizable baseball bat mugs are available in a number of colors and fonts.  You can reference a team (perfect if your groomsmen all play something together).

Sports gifts are especially nice for all ages–if you have junior groomsmen or older men in your wedding party. A lot of “groomsmen gifts” are booze-oriented, so it’s nice to have an option that’s still cool (the mugs can just as easily be used for a milkshake.

The useful mugs hold 12 oz. of cold or hot liquid, and are long-lasting. They are not only great memories, souvenirs of your big day, but they would be useful for years to come.

The best thing about these mugs is the amazing amount of options–you can add your own logo, paint or not paint, include three lines of text, and personal message!

1.    Flask & Poker Set

Personalized Flasks with Poker Cards, Dice Gambling Gift Set, website

If you have a real rat pack, this gift is perfect. It’s a complete set of four flasks (stainless steel), a deck of poker playing cards 4 dice (also stainless steel) and a personalized wood box.

The flasks themselves are also personalized, but even cooler is that each of the sets come with a specific theme: The Gentleman, the Hunter, or the Explorer. Each of them can also come in vintage brown or ocean blue. This lets you make the gift truly individual.3

The theme changes the look of the flasks and cards–with several designs that feature those themes (it’s also a way to personalize each one!)

These gifts are perfect souvenirs–easy to store and display, long-lasting, and affordable. They have a high-quality, expensive look to them as well, which reads classy.

3. Groomsmen Bobbleheads


Personalized Bobblehead Groomsmen, website

If you haven’t seen the Bobblehead trend, allow me to introduce you! Several companies now offer personalized bobbleheads of the wedding party, and in this case, your gorgeous groomsmen!

There is an option of whether to have a head that bobbles or simply a figurine. Either way, you send in a photo of your guys, and they send you back a realistic replica!

The wedding becomes a truly social event as everyone fawns over the adorable bobbleheads–you can get them extra-personalized with accessories such as golf clubs, briefcases or baseball bats.

Nothing creates more of a conversation (or a bridesmaid icebreaker) than these little figurines.

You can customize the color of the suit, and various poses. You even get to approve the proofs and keep digital copies of the art afterward!

4. Dopp Kit

Personalized Groomsmen Gift Leather Toiletry Bag, website


For many guys, this personalized leather toiletry bag is just what the doctor ordered. How many of your male friends still insist on carrying around their toiletries in a plastic bag?

Now, they have a chance to carry everything around in style, or have a convenient way to store everything at home.

This toiletry bag, in beautiful hand-stitched leather, with the groomsman’s initials, also comes with a lifetime warranty. The inside has an easy-clean nylon liner that won’t leak.

The bag comes in various colors. It also comes in 3 different sizes, so you can decide how much grooming he’s likely to engage in!


5. Stoneware Growler

Custom Etched Growler, website

Handmade, gorgeous, and showing his true colors as a beer-lover. This is a far better insulator than a plain old cold glass.  Stoneware actually keeps beer colder for longer.

If you didn’t know, it also protects beer from light damage! It re-seals to keep carbonation super bubbly. Who doesn’t need this? Every time you have a beer it’s like it’s fresh off the tap.

These are handmade in Ohio and can be personalized with a name, nickname, or date. It’s a really special, memorable gift for each groomsman.

The basic specs: It’s made from stoneware, silicone, stainless steel, porcelain, and measures 5.25” x 4.75”, by 11”. It holds 64 fl. Oz of fresh, delicious, cool beer!!

6. Personalized Robe

Men’s Personalized Embroidered Long Waffle Robe, website


Last but not least–the personalized robe is always a hit. Practical and comfortable, a robe symbolizes a leisurely life!

These lightweight waffle robes are perfect for warmer weather, beach trips, and quick cover-ups. They come in a huge selection of colors (and different thread colors for personalization).

From the website, “this cotton kimono housecoat” is perfect for lounging, the spa, or just the wedding day! Luxury is not just for bridesmaids! The robe is designed with two deep pockets as well as a wrap-around belt.

Robes are long-lasting and a gift that is very universal. In addition to the groomsmen, these are great for best men, fathers, even the women in your party.


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