5 Most Important Factors for Choosing a Wedding Ring

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Picking out your wedding ring is a choice of a lifetime, and we mean that in the literal sense! This small sentimental piece will adorn you and your partner’s fingers as you journey through this exciting new adventure together. Being such a huge decision, it can be surrounded by anxiety and stress, making it an […]

How to Match Your Wedding Theme to Your Wedding Music

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Perhaps you are ready to get married and you have already set a date but cannot seem to agree on the wedding music. While you might love dancehall music, your spouse might be in love with country music, making it hard for you to choose the right Chicago wedding band. Now that you are getting […]

5 Key Things in Preparation for a Destination Wedding

Beach wedding

Beach Wedding Destination weddings are pretty popular today. Many couples like the idea of getting married somewhere near sea or ocean or even in an exotic country. A destination wedding seems to be a very exciting and romantic idea. However, it requires much time and energy to organize it. Let’s consider 5 basic things, which […]

Why You Need a Professional Emcee

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Every wedding has bright spots and some spots that everyone silently agrees not to bring up. Take, for example, the relative who has been enjoying the open bar a little too liberally and decides they will do the announcing from here on out. They ramble on, tell everyone your embarrassing childhood nickname and someone has […]

Why Music Isn’t Just For the Reception

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We’ve all been to great weddings. We’ve also been to some weddings that aren’t so great. What sets a wedding apart is how it flows from the ceremony, to cocktail hour, to dinner, and to the reception. Venue is also key, which is why having a wedding in Chicago is ideal, and to help keep […]