The Perfect Music For Your Cocktail Hour

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“Their jazz trio played during the cocktail hour which was a very nice touch! Everyone was able to talk standing right next to the musicians. The music was so luxurious!” – Andrea & Tommy S.

Your cocktail hour is the first impression your guests will have of your reception.
Our Jazz Trio (Piano, Bass and Sax)  will be the perfect ensemble for your cocktail hour. 

Your guests will be able to relax and speak comfortably right next to the trio. 

If the venue doesn’t provide a piano, we’ll bring a keyboard free of charge. 

These musicians will be part of the full 8 to 11 Orchestra for dinner and/or dancing. 


The purpose of cocktails is to change the mood from the formalness of your wedding ceremony to a much more relaxed social atmosphere.

The jazz trio (piano, bass and sax) will provide relaxing, luxurious jazz for background music. You and your guests will be able to talk comfortably. The trio takes up a small amount of space and becomes part of the full wedding band for dinner and/or dancing.


These are separate musicians from those who play for during your the ceremony. They’ll play the perfect music so all of your guests can talk comfortably and can easily move from room to room. A keyboard is included free of charge. 

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For Your Cocktail Hour