How Couples Can Show off Their Unique Personalities at their Wedding

Chicago Wedding Bride and Groom

Weddings are always a wonderful, happy affair. Not only are these the perfect opportunities to show off your personalities and undying love for one another but you can also use the event as a way to show off both of your personalities to your guests. Whether you want to show off your funny side or […]

5 Most Important Factors for Choosing a Wedding Ring

5 Most Important Factors for Choosing a Wedding Ring | DRS Music

Picking out your wedding ring is a choice of a lifetime, and we mean that in the literal sense! This small sentimental piece will adorn you and your partner’s fingers as you journey through this exciting new adventure together. Being such a huge decision, it can be surrounded by anxiety and stress, making it an […]

What Are You Forgetting About?

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There are so many things to consider when preparing up for the biggest day of your life. From the venue, to the food, to the Chicago wedding band, you want to make sure you have everything aligned well in advance. When it comes to yourself it is important you take care of the little things […]

Gift Ideas For Your Bridal Party

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Framed Caricature Giving your best friends a caricature drawing is very unique and an awesome idea if you and your whole crew are close. We have two ideas on how to tackle this… You could have an artist come to your venue the day of to draw up a picture of all of you for […]

Groom’s Checklist for Grooming


By Harry’s High Quality Grooming Products There’s plenty going through your mind on your wedding day, so many things you don’t want to forget. So, I have created a checklist for you to reference on the day of your wedding so you can look almost as good as your soon to be wife! Let’s be […]