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Wedding planning requires you do some studying. You’re buying a lot of items all at once that you’ve never bought before. You want to make the best decisions possible based on the best information. Ideally, you don’t get a second chance to hire wedding vendors again. We’ve created our blog to be a library of lots of helpful articles so you can make the best decision based on the very best information available for your Chicago Wedding. There are lots of articles on a wide variety of wedding planning subjects. We invite you to explore our Chicago Wedding blog to find the answers to all your questions. We add several articles every month so be sure to check back. We understand you may be feeling overwhelmed planning your Chicago Wedding. Don’t worry, we know with all the information you’ll find here, you’ll be able to get the best results for your chicago wedding written your favorite Chicago Wedding band! In fact, this blog was just voted as one of the top 100 wedding blogs in the nation! Pour your favorite glass of wine or cup of coffee and enjoy becoming a Chicago Wedding Planning expert!